Hudson & Young Credit Repair

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Hudson & Young Credit Repair

Credit Repair

Hudson & Young Credit repair has a reputation for delivering results to our clients. Our consultants have decades of experience in successfully removing default and judgement listings from our client's credit report files.

What is my credit file?

Your credit file is information held in a database about your credit history. It includes your contact details, work and business history, credit applications and conduct of your credit accounts—including loans, utility and phone accounts.

When you apply for loans or credit your file will be checked.

What is credit repair?

Often defaults are entered onto credit files in error or without strict adherence to the relevant privacy laws. Credit repair is the process of correcting errors, omissions or regulation breaches and having adverse entries up dated or deleted.

What does Hudson & Young Credit Repair do?

Hudson & Young is a specialist credit repair and business advisory firm based in the Melbourne CBD. Our consultants are experienced credit repair professionals able to efficiently advise and represent you in the removal of any reported defaults and judgments from your credit file.



This video gives you some idea of how credit reporting works.

It is an American example, but the system in Australia is similar.

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